Bats silhouettes solated halloween traditional design element. vector vampire bat set

A set of 10 black bats. The bats are all different sizes and are arranged in a circle. The bats are all facing the same direction and are all in the same plane. The bats are all black and have a simple, flat design. The bats are all isolated on a white background. The image is a vector image and is available in a variety of formats, including PSD, Ai, Eps, and PNG. The image can be used for a variety of purposes, including Halloween decorations, invitations, and flyers.

  • Free license:
  • Free license:
  • Contributor: Shaiful Islam Shajal
  • Resolution : Screen (72 ppi)
  • Color : RGB
  • File type : AI
  • File Size: 5.6 MB

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